Here's what we inspect...
EXTERIOR - From Foundation To Roof
GARAGES - Attached and Detatched
MAIN STRUCTURE - Everything Inside

From the foundation to the roof and all areas and points in between, we test where applicable and thoroughly inspect.  We do normally get on the roof with exception to some roofing materials that may be damaged or too slick to safely inspect.  For those roofs, we use a remote camera on either a drone or extended selfie stick.  This way the integrity of the roof over your head is examined

Garages are inspected for all electrical, water damage, water heaters, furnaces and attics that exist. All garage doors are inspected for broken rollers, lifting devices and tracks. 

If you home has a detached garage as the primary shelter for your automobiles, we will include that as part of the inspection.  Other out-buildings and barns we can inspect for a very small additional cost.

When in your house, we will inspect all crawl spaces, appliances, furnaces, Air Conditioning, Water heaters, plumbing, electrical, thermal leaking around doors and windows. All windows and doors will be inspected to ensure they close and function properly.

Attic inspections are documented with pictures showing any structural damage, loose wiring or plumbing along with insulation amounts.

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